Ian Peterman


Founder/CEO, Peterman Design Firm Author

Ian Peterman is leading the way for conscious design thinking through his book, podcast and public appearances. His methods for prioritizing restorative, sustainable, and inclusive values to build a legacy of positive impact for his client’s brands has offered an exciting and rewarding approach to the future of good business. The Peterman Design Firm specializes in developing and commercializing products and offers branding and marketing for the missions his clients create. Ian also builds teams and catalyzes growth via fractional COO and CMO services. Ian is passionate about green tech, space exploration, and creating meaningful connections through human centered planet friendly brands. When he’s not teaching and implementing conscious design he enjoys family, food, and watching the night sky. To learn more about Ian and Conscious Design you can check out @Petermanfirm for the latest podcasts, projects, and events, or find the book on Amazon.