JJ Brown


CEO, Think Policy

Jared J. Brown (JJ) left nearly two decades of policymaking on Capitol Hill to help others more effectively petition their government. For more than 18 years, JJ Was a prolific policy advisor to Senator Orrin G. Hatch, drafting countless ideas into bills and ushering dozens of bills into law through at least seven Senate Committees and their House counterparts. JJ has a depth of experience at every level of the Congressional process, including staffing the Chairman for committee hearings and markups, maneuvering bills and amendments through floor consideration, and actively negotiating details of major proposals at the Conference Committee stage. He also helped to promote policy approaches with the Executive Branch, including meetings at the White House and in the West Wing. JJ’s successful career on Capitol Hill was highlighted by bringing opposing sides together on major proposals. On behalf of Senator Orrin Hatch, he successfully brought the auto industry, major environmental groups, and the natural gas industry together to pass the tax credits for hybrids and alt-fuel vehicle purchases and for alternative transportation fuels which passed in Energy Policy Act of 2005. He was also the staffer behind Senator Hatch’s efforts to build a broad, bipartisan coalition behind the original tax credit for plug-in vehicles that passed in the Independence and Security Act of 2007. Also on behalf of Senator Hatch, JJ worked across the aisle to help draft and support passage of the first tax incentives for carbon capture and sequestration technology projects. After his Senate career as a government affairs consultant, JJ has taught as a part-time adjunct professor at the George Washington University Political Management Graduate Program and at Southern Virginia University. With his expertise in legislative strategy and policy formulation on the national level, he has been asked to lecture at various conferences on the subject around the United States and overseas, including conferences in Mexico City, Monaco, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, Phoenix, Golden, and a variety of conferences in Utah and Washington, DC, often receiving repeat invitations.