Ingvil Gaasland

Senior Fellow

Consultant in Bouvet | Driving Diversity, Inclusion, and Sustainability Initiatives | Board member

As a Consultant at Bouvet, Ingvil Gaasland merges innovation with sustainable solutions. With over two decades of experience, her expertise ranges from digital project management to developing user-centric and award-winning products. Ingvil champions diversity and inclusion, evident in her active engagement in Bouvet’s diversity task force and as a board member of the Oslo EdTech Hackathon. Ingvil’s commitment to sustainability and innovation aligns with her work in building partnerships for educational advancements and volunteering for Girl Geek Dinners, promoting women in tech. Ingvil’s vision for a sustainable future and belief in the power of dialogue drives her role in the Nexus Council, where she collaborates on initiatives for a connected and abundant world.