The Language Factor 2023 Survey Nexus Council

In 2023, we conducted a follow-up survey to further understand the current American perspectives on the environment and how language helps us bridge those divides. This survey, building on our previous work with Dr. Frank Luntz, aimed to find terms that bring Americans together on the issue of environment rather than divide like our current language tends to. Our findings reveal a balanced concern among Americans for both environmental and economic issues, with a significant proportion viewing the two issues having compatible solutions.

Our most important finding is the response to the concept of the circular economy, which, despite being little known in America currently, had substantial bipartisan support after explanation. This presents a great opportunity to bridge the environmental communication divide, using language and concepts that resonate across different groups. The circular economy, emphasizing sustainable resource management and minimal waste, appears to be a promising term for creating collective action and understanding.

Our 2023 survey builds upon our research from years prior in order to give us viable language options to reach more members of the public and bridge the political divide. The results suggest a growing public readiness for a more circular mindset. These insights are crucial for shaping future communication strategies and policies when it comes to environmental issues.